Brenzone sul Garda

The town of Brenzone sul Garda is an enchanting gem embedded in the middle of the Veronese shore of Lake Garda and a renowned international tourist destination.

In ancient times this was a transit area for the commercial exchanges between the Padana Plain territory and the Alps and for this reason the town of Brenzone owes its origin to a blend of Veronese, Brescian and Trentine culture.

The town has about 2.535 inhabitants and its wide territory, one of the largest of the Veronese province (50,10 km2), is located 69 meters above sea level and stretches up to the top of Mount Baldo.

The main feature of Brenzone is the large number of hamlets it comprises, actually 17 in total: Assenza, Biaza, Boccino, Borago, Campo, Castelletto, Castello, Fasor, Magugnano (the municipal seat), Marniga, Porto, Pozzo, Prada Alta, Sommavilla, Venzo, Zignago).

Namely the town is not concentrated in a single area but distributed over the slopes of the Mount Baldo inland and the toponym Brenzone refers to the whole municipal district.

Local economy is mainly based on the following sectors: tourism and hospitality activities, cultivation of olive trees and production of an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, upkeep and growing of forests and freshwater fishing.

Every single hamlet can offer tourists a wide number of opportunities, both in terms of gastronomic proposals and leisure activities (sports and entertainment).

Visiting Brenzone and its territories means living an inward-looking, active and funny adventure, ideal for those who are looking for an energetic, playful and dazzling holiday.

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Where? Brenzone sul Garda, VR, Italia