San Zeno di Montagna

San Zeno di Montagna rises in a panoramic position overlooking the high Veronese coast of Lake Garda.

The presence of nomadic hunters in the San Zeno area dates back to the Paleolithic period, but the first permanent human settlements appeared in the Neolithic era.

The Romans arrived in these territories in the 1st century BC, as evidenced by the many finding of graves, funerary urns and tiles.

Since the Longobard era the village had been part of the court of the San ColombanoMonastery of the Bardolino Priory dependent from the Abbey of San Colombano di Bobbio (PC) and of its large monastic feud. The monks evangelized the area and fostered the development of culture, trade, fishing and agriculture (mainly vines and olive trees), introducing important innovations and opening new trade routes.

Between 1797 and 1814 San Zeno di Montagna became part of the Napoleonic domains, but after the French defeat the whole territory was annexed to Austria until 1866 (Third Independence War).

San Zeno di Montagna is a destination particularly loved by tourists who are looking for a peaceful location, natural landscapes and healthy fresh air; it is also the ideal starting point for excursions, trekking routes, mountain bike itineraries and rock-climbing experiences on Mount Baldo. The top of the mountain can be easily and comfortably reached with the on-site mountain railways.

From Mount Baldo station many leisure activities are available for visitors such as paragliding or hang-gliding.

San Zeno di Montagna also hosts the first Italian Adventure Park called “Jungle Adventure” for both children and adults. As the name suggests, this adventure park provides routes and trails with different levels of difficulty.

San Zeno di Montagna is located on a unique panoramic terrace above Lake Garda: from any corner of the town you can enjoy enchanting scenic views of the largest Italian lake with its picturesque towns and the beautiful hills gently sloping towards the coasts.

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