Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda is a unique, suggestive village, surrounded by fortifications, located on the southern shore of the Lake, where the river Mincio starts its course. The beauty of the lake and the charm of the surrounding area, with famous amusement parks such us Gardaland, attract thousands of Italian and international tourists every year.                                                                                                               The enchanting town centre, that lies within the alleys along the ramparts, hosts a hub of small shops, pubs and restaurants along with amazing historic buildings, squares, churches and imposing military structures.                                                   The fortress of Peschiera del Garda, called the Rocca, is a small architectural gem, enclosed in a pentagonal ring of walls dating back to the 16th century, with beautiful ramparts and towering gates.                                                                           The village is surrounded by the river Mincio, the effluent of Lake Garda, whose natural course was originally changed to erect the defensive walls: the three branches of the river then come together again to the south of the town. Overlooking the lake, Peschiera del Garda has also many beautiful and characteristic beaches that deserve a quick relaxing stop.                             Cappuccini beach is a comfortable lawn area at the end of Via Risorgimento, otherwise, if you’re on holiday with your four-legged friend, Braccobaldo Bau beach is your ideal destination.                                                                              Peschiera del Garda offers unique opportunities for unforgettable walks and tours, with a taste of past times, in an indefinite atmosphere where old and new naturally coexist.

Iniziativa effettuata con il patrocinio del Comune di Peschiera del Garda – Città Turistica e d’Arte

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Edicola | Tabaccheria | Ricevitoria Lotto e SuperEnalotto | Punto Poste TABACCHERIA N. 12

Where? Via Frassino, 8, Peschiera del Garda, VR, Italia



Tabaccheria Buttura Federico (en translation)

Where? Tabaccheria Buttura Federico, Via Roma, Peschiera del Garda, VR, Italia



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Where? Peschiera del Garda, VR, Italia