My name is Isabella Thomasset.

I was born in Bruxelles and I’ve lived in Garda since I was 5 years old.

Our wonderful lake has adopted me since my childhood and even today I couldn’t imagine to live in any other place but this.

Since I was very young I’ve been used to travel to and from cities like Bruxelles and Milan (my parents’ hometown) and I’ve always considered myself a free soul, a wanderer, with no inheritedties to a specific territory.

Growing up along these shores I naturally chose to feel at home right in this place, raised and cuddled by our loving lake. The strong connection with this territory has become stronger and stronger thanks to the countless and interesting opportunities it offers, opportunities often unknown to most people but, believe me, able to create strong emotions and real ties with this land when discovered.

The idea of our website came about just from this need: every year thousands of tourists arrive to our shores from all over the world, almost by chance and without any information about the wonderful places that worth a visit.

I like to think that by surfing on our website visitors of all ages could dream and plan their holidays,choosing a specific destination and accommodation and arranging their visits to places of interest, beaches, shopping sites and entertainment venues with all the possible comforts.

Along with a wide choice of housing proposals, Lake Garda offers wonderful natural landscapesand a history worth knowing or that at least deserves a sneak peek.

Our lake should be known and understood deeply and thoroughly to offer all visitors an unforgettable holiday experience from every point of view.